Are you an accountant of self-employed or sole proprietorship?

Try Pats for accountants!
27 EUR
per month, VAT included


Up-to-date and complete bank account statements and supporting documents are always available in one place.


Minimized double or manual data entry, as well as verification of client-added records and automatically generated reports without delays


Analytics, based on data from over 1 million transactions helps you make timely decisions

Are you an accountant of self-employed?

Try Pats for accountants!
27 EUR
per month, VAT included
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Perhaps the best way for a self-employed to collaborate with an accountant!

Unified overview

all receipts, invoices, bank statements, and other necessary accounting data are collected in one place and are simultaneously accessible to both the self-employed and the accountant.

Efficient and flexible distribution of accounting tasks

the self-employed can save expense receipts themselves or even issue invoices, allowing the accountant to review their actions and submit reports, or agree on another collaboration arrangement.


statements from all bank accounts connected to Pats.lv will be available online, and the system will help categorize expenses, suggest additional potential expenses to add, and automatically generate reports while calculating tax amounts.


no need to keep track of report submission dates or tax payment deadlines. Reminders for all tax-related matters are already set up in the system and easily manageable.


Generate invoices
Online payments
Photograph your receipts
Connect your bank
Prepare your declaration
Issuing invoices in a simple and convenient way
Sending the invoices and receiving payments with just one click
Your catalogue of partners and products
Instant transfers from one account to another without additional fees with the most popular Latvian and foreign banks
Create your online offer with Pats catalogue
Automated accounting of your income in the journal
Data recognition from the receipt photo
Convenient and fast process of entering the expenses
Automated classification of expenses
You can link your Pats.lv profile with the popular Latvian and foreign banks to automatically obtain information on the payments
Entries in the transactions journal are generated from the bank account statement
Automated classification of expenses
Based on the entered transactions, the economic activity journal will be generated automatically
Quarterly reports are prepared for mandatory contributions to state social insurance, VAT declarations; tax declarations for micro-enterprises if you are a taxpayer of the micro-enterprise tax
Summary of data for your annual tax declaration


For accountants

27.00 EUR

  • Convenient registration of income and expenses, starting from year 2019
  • Ability to process and make corrections to client records and submitted documents
  • Automatic calculation of mandatory contributions to state social insurance and VAT, preparation of reports, and data preparation for PIT
  • Unlimited invoice generation
  • Connection of a bank account to receive statements
  • Depreciation of fixed assets
  • Scanning unlimited number of receipts
  • Analytical tips for writing off expenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the information entered by the user, the system automatically accounts the amounts of the mandatory state social insurance contributions, VAT, as well as prepares the necessary tax reports – quarterly reports of the self-employed, VAT declarations, microenterprise tax declarations, as well as generates the journal of the income and expenses of the economic activity.

All the important information about the taxes is available on our website – in videos and blog articles. However, Individual training and tax assistance are able to receive at Premium rate.

Should you have any questions or problems using PATS.LV system, do not hesitate to message us on [email protected] or in Facebook live chat. We respond as soon as the question is reviewed, usually it takes no more than one business day.

New users are offered an individually generated PROMO code upon registration, which can be used until the end of the day to purchase a subscription with a 25% discount in the Subscriptions page.

In accordance with the effective version of the Terms of Use of the system, should the user fail to pay for the use of the system, then the user’s access to the system’s functions will be limited, leaving only the possibility to log in, make the payment and access the information already entered before the restrictions came into force (reading, editing, exporting the information).

This set of functions will be available to the user for 90 days after the grace period or the subscription ends. The user should make the payment for the service during this period.

Should the user fail to pay for the service within the said period, their profile will be available for such user for another 90 calendar days, but solely for purchasing the subscription and paying for it. If the user does not renew their subscription within these 90 calendar days, their profile will be blocked after the said deadline and the contractual relationships with this user shall be terminated, and after another 10 calendar days the user’s profile will be deleted.

After the profile is deleted, all data contained within will be deleted as well.

One cannot register as a legal entity, but one can register as an accountant who provides services to self-employed. Please click on this link:


PATS.LV system is designed for various forms of registered economic activity:

– pašnodarbinātām personām kas reģistrējās VID

– individuāliem komersantiem, kas reģistrējās UR

– saimnieciskās darbības veicējiem (gan pašnodarbinātiem, gan IK) ar MUN statusu.

Yes, you can connect the system to your bank account.

Unfortunately, there is currently no such connection, but it is known that the SRS is currently actively working on creating such an opportunity. Currently, you have to manually download the report from the system and upload it into the EDS system.

The data will remain there even after the trial period ends. Please note that after the trial period, you will be able to correct these historical transactions only after a new payment has been made.

Yes, there is.


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